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5th Period - First County of Portugal
(9th Century to 11th Century)


9th C.


822 Abd al-Rahman II becomes Caliph of Córdoba (822-852)
825 Moor army fails to capture Coimbra and Viseu
830 Relics of St James are claimed to be uncovered in Compostela - it is promoted as a site for Christian pilgrimage
840 Moors have control of both Coimbra and Viseu
840 Norman Vikings raid Beja and Algarve coast
842 Ramiro I becomes King of Asturias
844 Norman Viking raids on Galicia and Lisbon, Beja, coastal Algarve, and also Seville
844 Battle of Clavijo - legendary fight between Christians and Moors won by the Christian army helped by a vision of Saint James charging through their ranks
850 Ordonho I becomes King of Asturias
852 Muhammad I becomes Emir of Córdoba (852-886)
859 Norman raids on coastal Algarve and Beja
859 Battle of Albelda - Ordonho I defeats Musa ibn Musa
866 Alfonso III becomes King of Asturias and initiates repopulation of Coimbra, Lamego, Porto and Viseu
844 First recorded raids by Scandinavians on Lisbon
852 Mohammed I becomes Caliph of Córdoba (852-886)
859 Recorded raids by Scandinavian pirates on Algarve coast
868 Count Vímara Peres declares the County of Portucale (Portugal) as a fiefdom of the Kingdom of Asturias
868 Vímara Peres founds the town of Vimaranis (Guimarães)
868 Vímara Peres captures the town of Porto from the Moors
871 The Christians retake Coimbra and Hermengildo Mendes is made Count of Coimbra
873 Count Vímara Peres, administrator of the region of Portuvale and creator of town of Guimarães dies - his son Lucídio Vimaranes takes his place
873 Count Lucídio Vimaranes dies and Count Diogo Fernandes inherits title through marriage to Lucídio's daughter
878 Coimbra is incorporated in the Kingdom of Asturias and placed under the control of Hermenegildo Mendes
883 Documents refer to the area of "Portucale"
886 al-Mundhir becomes Umayyad Caliph of Córdoba (886-888)
888 Civil War erupts throughout the Iberian Peninsular
888 Abdallah ibn Muhammad becomes Caliph of Córdoba (888-912)
10th C.


909 Don Alfonso III of Asturias is deposed and yet declared Emperor of Iberia
910 Monastery of Cluny (Burgandy) founded
910 Don Alfonso III dies and his three sons divide Asturias, Galicia and León - Don Ordonho II becomes King of Galicia and León (910-924); Don Lucídio Vimaranes becomes Count of Portucale
911 Count Aires Mendes becomes Count of Coimbra
912 Abd al-Rahman III becomes Caliph of Córdoba and powerful ruler of all Moors in the Peninsular (912-961)
913 Don Ordonho II captures Évora from the Moors
914 Don Ordonho II of Galicia also becomes King of León after death of his brother
914 Capital of Asturias moved from Oviedo to León
915 Drought creates famine throughout the Peninsular (915-919)
916 Battle of Valdejunquera - Abd al-Rahman III defeats army of Don Ordonho II
918 Battle of Talavera - Abd al-Rahman III defeats the Christian army
924 Don Fruela II becomes King of León
925 Don Sancho Ordonhes becomes vassal "King" of Galicia
925 Don Ramiro (II) establishes residence in Viseu
926 Count Mendo Gonçalves (also know as Hermenegildo Gonçalves son of Count Gonçalo of Galicia), marries Mumadona Dias (daughter of Onega Lucides and Diogo Fernandes), and becomes the 1st Count of Portucale - lands streaching from Coimbra to Galicia
928 Gonçalo Moniz becomes Count of Coimbra
929 Don Alfonso IV becomes King of León
929 Abd al-Rahman III declares himself as the Caliph of Córdoba - no longer under the control of Baghdad (929-961)
930 Don Ramiro II becomes King of León (930-950), and settles in Viseu
931 Don Ramiro II becomes King of León (930-950), and settles in Viseu
938 First written reference to Portugal and not as Portucale
946 The County of Castile becomes independent
950 Countess Mumadona divides most of her vast estates between her sons
950 Count Gonçalo Mendes (son of Count Meno Gonçalves), becomes 2nd Count of Portugal
950 Don Ordonho III becomes King of León
953 Large Moor army attacks Galicia
955 Ordonho III attacks Lisbon
955 Moors retakes Coimbra and forces Christian frontier back to River Douro
956 Sancho I becomes King of León
957 Sancho I removes Count Gonçalo Mendes and family from power and seeks Moor support for protection against retaliation
959 Countess Mumadona donates vast property to Mosteiro de Nossa Senhora da Oliveira (Guimarães)
960 Don Sancho I is reinstated as King of León
961 al-Hakam II becomes Caliph of Córdoba (961-976)
962 Count Gonçalo Mendes rebels against Don Sancho I of León
966 Normans raid town of Silves in the Algarve
966 Viking raids on Galicia and kill the Bishop of Santiago de Compostela
967 Don Ramiro III becomes King of León
971 Vikings repeat their raid on Galicia
976 Hisham II becomes Caliph of Córdoba (976-1009)
976 al-Mansur Ibn Abi Aamir takes over power from protégé Hisham II and launches military campaign against Christians
982 Don Bermudo II becomes King of León
987 al-Mansur Ibn Abi Aamir sacks Coimbra and most castles north of the River Douro. He marches on Santiago de Compostela and destroys the town and the Church of Santiago
987 Count Gonçalo Mendes adopts title of Grand-Duke of Portugal and fights Don Bermudo II of León and is defeated in battle
999 Don Alfonso V becomes King of León
999 Mumadona Dias dies
999 Count Mendo Gonçalves becomes 3rd Count of Portugal
11th C. --
1000 Reign of Sancho III (the Great) of Navarre
1002 al-Mansul Ibn Abi Aamir dies
1003 Moor army destroys City of León
1008 Count Mendo Gonçalves II is killed by raiding Vikings in Galicia and his wife Tuta Mendo temporary governs
1008 Count Alvito Nunes becomes 4th Count of Portugal
1008 Civil War between different leaders within the Moors and aided by Christians (1108-1031)
1008 Hisham II is deposed in uprising led by Mohammed II al-Mahdi who is then declared as the new Caliph of Córdoba (1008-1009)
1009 Muhammad II al-Mahdi is deposed by Sulaiman al-Mustain (1009-1010)
1009 The Taifa of Badajoz (Kingdom) declares independence from Córdoba and governs an area between Coimbra and northern Alentejo
1010 Hisham II is restored as Caliph of Córdoba by Berber army led by al-Wahdid (1010-1012)
1012 Sulaiman al-Mustain is restored again as Caliph of Córdoba by Berber army (1012-1017)
1013 Berber army riots and destroy some of Córdoba and new Taifas appear
1016 Norman invaders ascend the River Minho and destroy Tui in Galicia
1017 Abd al-Rahman IV becomes Caliph of Córdoba (1017-1022)
1017 Ilduara Mendes married to Nuno Alvites becomes 5th Count of Portugal
1018 The Algarve becomes an dependant Taifa from Córdoba
1022 Lisbon becomes an independent Taifa from Córdoba and is later annexed by the Taifa of Badajoz
1023 Abd al-Rahman V becomes Caliph of Córdoba (1023)
1023 Mohammed III becomes Caliph of Córdoba (1023-1025)
1023 Abu l-Kasim Mohammad I Ben Abbad becomes Emir of Seville (1023-1042)
1025 Seville forces capture castles of Alafões
1027 Hisham III becomes Caliph of Córdoba (1027-1031)
1028 Death of Nuno Alvites (married to Ildvara, the daughter of Tuta Mendo)
1028 Count Mendes Nunes becomes 6th Count of Portugal
1028 Don Alfonso VI of Asturias & León lays siege to Viseu and is killed by a bolt
1028 Don Bermudo III becomes King of León
1031 Don Sancho III of Navarre declares war on Don Bermudo III
1031 Power of Umayyads with its base in Córdoba divided into small kingdoms (Reinos de Taifas Period 1031-1492)
1033 Mértola becomes an dependant Taifa (Kingdom) from Córdoda
1034 Sancho III of Navarre declares himself "Rex Hispanarum" (King of all Spains)
1034 Gonçalo Trastemires captures Montemór castle thus extending Christian control to the Mondego
1034 Don Sancho III of Navarre dies and his son Don Ferdinand I takes control of Castile
1035 Don Bermudo III defeats the Moor army in a battle near Aveiro - Don Bermudo III is later is killed in battle at Toledo
1037 Battle of Tamarón - Don Ferdinand I of Castile (1035-1065), defeats the army of León and gains another Kingdom
1040 The Almoravid followers arrive in Andulusia and begin their campaign to to take control of the Peninsular
1040 Silves becomes an independent Taifa from Córdoba
1040 The Moor ruler of Badajoz appeals to the christian King Alfonso VI for protection against the threat of the Almovarids - he offers in return the castles of Lisbon, Santarém and Sintra
1042 Abu Amr Abbad Ben Mohammed becomes Emir of Seville (1042-1068)
1044 Abbad III al-Mutamid from Seville capture Mértola
1050 Count Mendes Nunes killed in battle
1050 Count Nuno Mendes becomes 7th Count of Portugal and the last in line of the House of Vímara Peres
1051 The Algarve Taifa is annexed to the Taifa of Seville
1053 Death of Nuno Mendo in battle
1056 The Almoravids Dynasty commences in Africa
1057 Don Fernando I of Castile and León captures Lamego, Seia and Viseu
1058 Don Fernando I of Castile and León captures Viseu
1058 Al-Muzaffar al-Aftas pays Christians to leave Taifa of Badajoz
1060 Ecumenical Council of Santiago de Compostelo (1060-1063)
1062 Gomes Eitaz governs Guimarães
1063 The Taifa of Silves is annexed to Taifa of Seville
1064 Don Fernando I of Castile and León captures towns from Guimarães down to Coimbra and Count Sisnando Davides is made 8th Count of Coimbra
1064 Coimbra is placed under the responsibity of Sisand ibn Dovidiz by Don Ferdinand I
1064 Hispanic Calendar adopted
1064 Foundation by Don Sisenando in Coimbra of first official State school in Portugal
1065 Don Sancho II becomes King of Castile and León (1065-1072)
1065 Don Sancho I (Ramirez) becomes King of Aragon (1065-1094)
1065 Don Garcia II of Galicia (1065-1072), proclaims the independent Kingdom of Galicia and Portugal
1068 Abu l-Hasim Mohammed II becomes Emir of Seville (1068-1091)
1070 St Fructuosus of Dumes made Bishop of Braga
1070 Count Nuno Mendes revolts against Don Garcia II of Galicia and makes his claim for the independent title of King of Portugal
1071 January - Battle of Pedroso - Don Garcia II defeats the army of Count Nuno Mendes and then later is also killed in the battle
1072 Don Alfonso VI of León León, strips from Don Garcia II of Galicia all power and his kingdom bcomes part of Don Alfonso VI kingdoms
1073 Alfonso VI becomes King of Castile
1075 Construction commenced of the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela
-- --
4th Period Initial Moor Period (8th Century to 9th Century)
6th Period Second County (11th Century to 12th Century)
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The above was compiled by Michael Tannock from published information in the Portuguese language. While every care was taken in obtaining the above facts some conflicting dates, information and spelling were encountered. In such cases, our own discretion was used in choosing which facts to publish.