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2nd Period - Roman Lusitania
(3rd Century BC to 4th Century AD)


Before Christ (BC)


237 Romans occupy Cádiz on southern Spain
227 River Ebro divides Roman and Carthaginian occupation of Peninsular
219 Hannibal takes Saguntum (beginning of 2nd Punic War)
210 Romans explore southern Peninsular
206 Hannibal and his Carthaginian forces are driven out of Peninsular by Romans
197 Romans control a greater part of the Iberian Peninsular with Córdoba as the capital
193 Romans defeat the Carpetani tribe and occupy lands up to the River Tagus
191 Aemilius Paulas and his Roman army suffer heavy defeat against the army of the Lusitanians
154 Lusitanian forces occupy Conis-torgis
150 Rebel leader Viriato (180AD-139AD), possibly born in the area of Loriga in the Serra da Estrela region from a shepherd family comes to power as a general of the Lusitanian forces
147 Lusitanian forces led by rebel leader Viriato enjoy initial success in battle against the Romans in taking control of the southern parts of the Iberian Peninsular.
142 Romans forces suffer defeat against rebel Lusitanian rebel leader Viriato
139 Romans eventually kill final Lusitanian rebel leader Viriato
137 Decimus Julius Brutus establishes his capital at Olisipo (Lisbon)
133 Celt-Iberian Wars
128 Viriato is murdered by his closest friends for Roman money
82 Roman Civil War
80 Sertorius creates a form of administrative Senate in Évora - this lasted approximately ten years before he was killed by his nearest followers
73 Emperor Vespasian grants towns in the Peninsular equal rights as in Italy
72 Lusitanian attack the Roman occupation (72-61 BC)
61 Julius Caesar appointed Governor of Hispana Ulterior
55 Pompey appointed Governor of Hispania
48 Beginning of battle for power for Rome between Caesar and Pompey
38 Hispania declared part of State of Rome
27 Marcus Agrippa divides Iberia into three parts - Baetica, Lusitania, Tarraconensis and introduced agricultural reform
27 Emperor Augustus names land south of River Douro as "Lusitania" after Celtic tribe
26 Emerita Augusta (Mérida) founded as capital of Lusitanian
26 Emperor Augustus takes control and pacifies the whole of the Peninsular (26-24 BC)
25 Town of Emerita Augusta is founded (Mérida, Spain), and made the administrative centre of an area including today's Portugal
23 Emperor Augustus establishes the "Pax Romana" - Period of Peace
19 Inhabitants in the area now known as Portugal are firmly under Roman control
16 Emperor Augustus divides the province of "Hispana Ulterior" which includes the area of Portugal, into three separately administered regions - Lusitania, Baetica, and Tarraconensis
After Birth of Christ (AD)


14 Tiberuis becomes emperor (14-37 AD)
40 First appearance of Christianity in the Peninsular
58 Reputed arrival of remains of Saint James at Compostela (Spain)
74 Vespasian grants Latin status to all Hispanic Towns
99 Roman Empire ruled by Emperor Trajan (99-117), of Spanish origin and born in Italica (near Seville)
117 Roman Empire ruled by Emperor Hadrian (117-138), of Spanish origin and born in Italica (near Seville)
171 Baetica region raided by Moors from Mauritania
200 Christianity appears in the Peninsular
298 Emperor Diocletian subdivides the region of Tarraconensis
303 Emperor Diocletian orders the persecution of Christians
306 Reign of Constantine 1 (306-337) - he converted to the Christian faith in 312
309 Braga is established as an important centre for the Christian faith
312 Emperor Constantine recognizes Christianity as a religion
325 Ecumenical Council of Nicked
366 Reigning Pope is Damascus I born in Gallaecia (Guimarães - 366-383)
376 Visigoth tribes invade parts of the Roman Empire
380 Christianity becomes the official religion of Rome
385 Death of Emperor Priscillian
388 Paternus is appointed bishop of Braga
409 The Suevi, Hading Vandals and Alan tribes invade the Iberian Peninsular and the area of Lusitanian is occupied by the Visigoths
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1st Period Pre-Roman Period (Before 3rd Century BC)
3rd Period Germanic Kingdoms (5th Century BC to 7th Century AD)

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The above was compiled by Michael Tannock from published information in the Portuguese language. While every care was taken in obtaining the above facts some conflicting dates, information and spelling were encountered. In such cases, our own discretion was used in choosing which facts to publish.