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Portugal is no exception when it comes to baking bread. Portuguese bread can be made with from wheat, rye, corn, and oat and then mixed with herbs, fruits, meats and other tasty items. The most common type of bread is made with wheat flour. There are many variations of bread some of which originate from ancient times and are sometimes quite localised to a rural area or a town. Variations have expanded in number due to the availability and distribution of new products and more recently some experimentation (especially by various chains of large supermarkets).

Baguete Francesa - French styled "baguette" bread.

Bolas Mistura - Soft baked wheat bread with pieces of ham, bacon, or sausage.

Bolas de Berlin -A small round cake, sometimes filled with custard.

Bolo do Caco - These are muffin style breads with sweet potato to be found on Madeira Island.

Bolo de Carne da Casa - Bread flavoured with local meats.

Bolo de Ferradura - Bread sweetened and flavoured with anise and lemon and normally given as gifts from the bride to her guests.

Broa Milho Amarela Tradiēional - Traditional corn bread.

Broa de Carne e Chouriēo - Traditional corn bread with a meat and sausage filling.

Broa de Centeio - Originating from Torres Vedras and Matosinhos.

Broa de Maēć e Passas - Corn bread with a filling of apple and raisons

Broa de Milho - Very dense corn bread found in the Tras-Os-Montes region.

Broa de Milho com Chouriēo - Originating from Torres Vedras.

Carcaēa - A bread roll mainly found in the central part of Portugal.

Croissant Integral - A French style "croissant" made with whole wheat bread.

Croissant Traditional - A French style "croissant".

Folar da Pįscoa - A sweet Easter bread flavoured with anise and seeds. (There are many versions of this bread).

Folar da Presunto e Linguiēa - Puff pastry with cubes of cured ham and sausage.

Folhado de Salsicha - Puff pastry filled with sausage meat.

Massa Sovada - There are many variations of this popular wheat bread

Migas - Speciality of the Alentejo using soaked bread crumbs that are fried in butter and flavoured with garlic and herbs

Pćes de Leite - Sweet corn bread.

Pap Secos - These are crusty rolls made from just flour, water and salt.

Pćo Alentejana - A wheat bread rather dense from the Alentejo region and used in preparing the dish Aēorda.

Pćo de Arroz com Limćo e Coentros - Tasty bread made with rice flour, salted lemons, coriander and hot peppers.

Pćo de Batata - Bread made from the mixture of wheat flour and potatoes.

Pćo de Cabeēa - A wheat bread from the Alentejo region.

Pćo Caseiro - Home made bread.

Pćo de Casa com Chouriēo - Home made bread filled with sausage meat.

Pćo de Centeio - Thick rye bread to be found in northern Portugal.

Pćo Cereais - Normally whole wheat bread mixed with different seeds.

Pćo de Centeio Escuro - Dark thick rye bread to be found in northern Portugal.

Pćo com Chouriēo - Wheat bread stuffed with Portuguese sausage similar to a "hot-dog".

Pćo por Deus - On All Saints day children tour villages asking for this bread. In return people give them a version of "Bolo de Ferradura" made also from pastry with raisins and pine nuts.

Pćo com Leitćo - Home made bread with pieces of suckling pig.

Pćo de Casa com Sultanas e Nozes - Home made bread filled with nuts and sultanas.

Pćo com Chouriēo de Porco Preto - Home made bread with sausage meat from sweet pigs.

Pćo Fibras - Home made bread mixed with cerials.

Pćo de Fōrma - White sliced bread.

Pćo Milho com Girrasol - Corn bread with sunflower seeds. 

Pćo Prockorn - Bread with cereals.

Pćo de Queijo - Home made bread flavoured with cheese.

Pćo de Saloio - Home made bread to be found in the Lisbon region.

Pćo com Salva, Groselhas e Pistachos - Bread with sage, pistachio nuts, currents, with orange flavour.

Papo-Seco - A bread roll mainly found in all the regions of Portugal.

Rōsca Doce - A sweet bread shaped like a screw.