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your source for vegetables, herbs and spices, gastronomy in portugal

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In the past the Portuguese cuisine has paid little attention to the excellent quality and variety of their locally grown vegetables. This situation is now improving but unfortunately a little late in the day as the mass marketing trends have caused fast growing techniques together with a great amount of imported goods to be introduced into the market with the resultant loss in quality, natural vitamins and goodness. At the bottom of this page are a list of vegetables and herbs in the Portuguese language with their equivalent in English.

Ervilhas com Ovos - Prepared very much in the same manner as "Favas à Saloia" using peas in season. A fried egg is added before serving.

Ervilhas Guisadas - Normally a dish of peas that accompanies grilled meat but can be eaten alone. Using a meat stock and more flavour is added to this dish of peas by the addition of herbs and onion.

Favas Guisadas - Broad beans and it can be eaten alone using a ribs of pork for flavour.

Favas à Saloia - Named after the country people living around Lisbon this is a dish that becomes available only in the broad bean season. Broad beans are prepared accompanied for flavouring with a little sliced garlic sausage and lean bacon.

Feijão-Frade em Salada - Chick Beans boiled in plain water and when cold they are flavoured with finely chopped onions, parsley and gently coated with olive oil and vinegar.

Feijão Verde Guisado - Basically a runner bean stew with onions, tomatoes and bay leafs, flavoured with some pork fat and smoked ham or sausage. Sometimes boiled eggs are added.

Alfafa Sprouts - Alfafa Alfafa - Alfafa Sprouts
Artichoke - Alcachofra Abóbora - Pumpkin
Arrowroot - Araruta Abóbora - Squash
Arugula - Rúcola Abobrinha - Zucchini
Asparagus - Aspargo Aborinha - Courgette
Aubergine - Beringela Açafrão - Saffron
Barley - Cevada Acelga - Chard
Basil - Manjericão Açúcar - Sugar
Bay Leaf - Louro Agrião - Cress
Bean - Feijão Agrião - Watercress
Bean Sprouts - Brotos de Feijão Aipo - Celery
Beetroot - Beterraba Alcachofra - Artichoke
Bell Pepper - Pimentão Alcaparras - Capers
Black Beans - Feijão Preto Alcaravia - Caraway
Broccoli - Brócoli Alecrim - Rosemary
Bean Sprouts - Broto de Feijão Alface - Lettuce
Broad Beans - Favas Alface Repolhunda - Cabbage Lettuce
Brown Rice - Arroz Integral Alho - Garlic
Brussels Sprouts - Couve de Bruxelas Alho Porró - Leek
Cabbage - Couve Almeirão - Wild Chicory
Cabbage Lettuce - Alface Repolhunda Araruta - Arrowroot
Capers - Alcaparras Arroz - Rice
Caraway - Alcaravia Arroz Integral - Brown Rice
Carrot - Cenoura Aspargo - Asparagus
Cauliflower - Couve Flor Aveia - Oats
Celery - Aipo Azeitona - Olive
Celeriac -Rábano Batata - Potato
Chard - Acelga Batata Doce - Sweet Potato
Chickpea - Grão de Pico Beringela - Eggplant
Chicory - Chicória Beringela - Aubergine
Chilli Pepper - Pimenta Beterraba - Beetroot
Chinese Cabbage - Repolho Chinês Brócoli - Broccoli
Chives - Cebolinha Broto de Feijão - Bean Sprouts
Coriander - Coentro Cana de Açúcar - Sugar Cane
Corn - Milho Cebola - Onion
Cos Lettuce - Cos Alface Cebolinha - Chives
Courgette - Aborinha Cebolinha Verde - Wild Chaves
Cress - Agrião Cenoura - Carrot
Cucumber - Pepino Centeio - Rye
Cummin - Cominho Cevada - Barley
Dill - Endro Chalota - Shallot
Eggplant - Beringela Cherívia - Parsnip
Endive - Chicória Chicória - Chicory
Garlic - Alho Chicória - Endive
Gherkin - Pepino em Conserva Coentro - Coriander
Ginger - Gengibre Cominho - Cummin
Green Pepper - Pimentão Verde Cos Alface - Cos Lettuce
Horseradish - Raiz Forte Couve - Cabbage
Kale - Couve Galega Couve de Bruxelas - Brussels Sprouts
Kohlrabi - Couve Rábano Couve Flor - Cauliflower
Leek - Alho Porró Couve Galega - Kale
Lentil - Lentilha Couve Lombarda - Savoy Cabbage
Lettuce - Alface Couve Rábano - Kohlrabi
Lima Bean - Feijão Fava Couve Roxo - Red Cabbage
Marjoram - Manjerona Endro - Dill
Marrow - Medula Ervilha - Pea
Mint - Hortelã Espinafre - Spinach
Oats - Aveia Favas - Broad Beans
Okra - Quiabo Feijão - Bean
Olive - Azeitona Feijão Fava - Lima Bean
Onion - Cebola Feijão Flor - Runner Bean
Oregano - Orégano Feijão Preto - Black Beans
Parsley - Salsa Feijão Vagem - Spring Bean
Parsnip - Cherívia Gengibre - Ginger
Peas - Ervilha Grão-de-Pico - Chickpea
Pepper - Pimenta Hortelã - Mint
Popcorn - Pipoca Inhame - Yam
Potato - Batata Lentilha - Lentil
Pumpkin - Abóbora Louro - Bay Leaf
Radish - Rabanete Manjericão - Basil
Red Cabbage - Couve Roxo Manjerona - Marjoram
Red Pepper - Pimentão Medula - Marrow
Rhubarb - Ruibarbo Milho - Corn
Rice - Arroz Nabo - Turnip
Rocket - Rúcola Orégano - Oregano
Rosemary - Alecrim Pepino - Cucumber
Runner Bean - Feijão Flor Pepino em Conserva - Gherkin
Rye - Centeio Pimenta - Pepper
Saffron - Açafrão Pimenta - Chilli Pepper
Savoy Cabbage - Couve Lombarda Pimenta Malagueta - Tabasco
Shallot - Chalota Pimentão - Bell Pepper
Soybean - Soja Pimentão - Red Pepper
Spinach - Espinafre Pimentão Verde - Green Pepper
Spring Bean - Feijão Vagem Pipoca - Popcorn
Squash - Abóbora Quiabo - Okra
Sugar - Açúcar Rabanete - Radish
Sugar Cane - Cana de Açúcar Rábano - Celeriac
Swedish Turnip - Suéco Nabo Raiz Forte - Horseradish
Sweet Potato - Batata Doce Repolho Chinês - Chinese Cabbage
Tabasco - Pimenta Malagueta Rúcula - Arugula
Tapioca - Tapioca Rúcola - Rocket
Thyme - Tomilho Ruibarbo - Rhubarb
Tomato - Tomato Salsa - Parsley
Turnip - Nabo Soja - Soybean
Watercress - Agrião Suéco Nabo - Swedish Turnip
Wheat - Trigo Tapioca - Tapioca
Wild Chaves - Cebolinha Verde Tomato - Tomato
Yam - Inhame Tomilho - Thyme
Zucchini - Abobrinha Trigo - Wheat